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Partner supports many large, national, and international corporations with real estate acquisitions, site development, and management and optimization of their asset portfolio. With qualified and experienced professionals in offices located throughout the North America and Western Europe, Partner is uniquely positioned to assist corporate clients with their real estate portfolios of any size.

Partner has extensive experience working with clients and projects where many stakeholders are involved, such as various departments within a corporation, attorneys, regulators, other consultancies and subcontractors. Partner works to gain an intimate knowledge of our clients, their goals, and the key stakeholders involved. Additionally, by emphasizing clear and frequent communication, we ensure successful and timely completion of projects even when many interested parties are involved.

We also understand the heightened sensitivity to reputational risk that many corporate clients have when dealing with environmental, health, and safety concerns at a site. Partner works closely with our clients to ensure appropriate handling of confidential matters.

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