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Partner provides expert consulting services to government institutions at all levels, including municipal, state, and Federal agencies around the country. Our extensive experience working for and with the public sector has extended us an integral understanding of the needs, restraints, and opportunities unique to this client group. Partner can deliver targeted and sustainable solutions to environmental, engineering, or energy issues facing public entities.

Working with Government Clients

Partner understands the accountability, financial, and time pressures under which government agencies operate.

Our team works in active partnership with our government clients to identify and provide the most cost-effective, comprehensive, and objective services and solutions to help them make sound decisions and meet policy goals and accountability requirements. We help clients navigate the regulatory and funding/grant program landscape to offset project costs, manage liability, and achieve compliance.

Partner can offer consulting services to clients directly, or work as a sub-consultant to a prime service provider on large development or construction projects. We also serve numerous local governments around the country through municipal contracts, acting as a municipality’s appointed engineering, environmental, or energy consultant to provide project-based or on-call services on an ongoing basis.

Our Qualifications

Our dedicated team of certified professionals - such as Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists, Industrial Hygienists, Professional Planners, Registered Architects, Risk Assessors, Energy Specialists, and Zoning and Permitting consultants – possesses the regulatory knowledge and technical skills to address the unique requirements for government project planning and design, regulations, funding and permitting.

All services are conducted in accordance with relevant industry and government standards and requirements and can be customized in scope to meet a client’s specific requirements.

Featured Services

Partner offers full-suite environmental, engineering, and energy services, including:

Contract Vehicles and Teaming Opportunities

Partner holds contracts with several federal and state agencies,  streamlining access to our diverse services, including: