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Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering, New Car Dealerships - USA and Canada

Project Location 
United States and Canada
Completion Date 
Monday, December 13, 2021

About the Project

Our client is a publicly-traded global provider of online vehicle auctions and automotive reselling. In order to support our client’s business expansion plan, Partner has provided bundled services for the planned construction of 30+ new online auction dealerships in the United States and Canada. The services included Land Surveying, Zoning Report, Phase I & Phase II Environmental Assessment Services, Property Condition Report, and Geotechnical Services.

The geotechnical explorations were performed with hollow stem augers, push rigs, excavator test pits, SPT sampling equipment, geophysical equipment, and pocket penetrometers. Field explorations included soil sampling, percolation testing, fault evaluation, seismic hazard evaluation, and environmental sampling and reconnaissance. Partner provided Geotechnical Reports for the project under various jurisdictional guidelines regarding seismic, frost depth, hydric soils, expansive clay material, etc. Partner made recommendations for spread foundations on the improved subgrade, foundations supported on aggregate piers, structural slab foundations, settlement analysis, seismic parameters, design groundwater levels, and required lab testing.

Partner provided guidelines for paving with various surface materials in areas that have issues with expansive soils, frost heave susceptible soils, low strength soils, etc, which included proof rolling and over-excavation, lime treatment, cement treatment, and the use of geotextile fabrics. Partner also provided review services for asphalt and concrete pavement mix designs, and aggregate quality reports.

In addition, Partner also provided supplemental services including Wetland Assessment, Asbestos Screening, and Phase I Update.

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