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Videos and Webinars


Due Diligence 101: 3rd Party Reports from A to Z.

In a rapidly changing commercial real estate landscape, risk management is more important than ever, yet the barrage of 3rd party due diligence reports required in the transaction process can be daunting for many CRE professionals. No wonder why, it’s a real alphabet soup: ESA, PCA, ESG, SRA, ALTA, and more!

To better grasp it all, join our webinar “Due Diligence 101: 3rd Party Reports from A to Z.” Partner’s experts will give you a crash course on the core due diligence reports including what they cover, how to review them, and key things to look for.


Get Ready for California’s Balcony Inspections

If you own multifamily property with three or more units in California, listen up! You may have heard about the requirement for balcony inspections (SB721) and said “I’ll deal with that in a couple of years”… Well, a couple of years have passed! It’s time to jump-start your game plan to meet the 2025 initial deadline. This webinar will cover everything you need to know and help you get started.


Winning Strategies for Renewable Energy Financiers

Our panel of experts share strategies on how to make renewable energy projects safe for the lender and profitable for the developer. Hear first-hand lender perspective on common underwriting challenges with renewable energy projects, along with best practices for mitigating risk, reducing soft costs, and streamlining due diligence, financial closing, and construction processes.