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Facility Condition Assessment

Let Partner's diverse team of facility specialists help you optimize building performance and maximize ROI.

Partner’s Facility Condition Assessments are vital tools for owners of real estate portfolios to plan and prioritize short- and long-term investments in their facilities. Partner provides in-depth Facility Condition Assessments nationwide, as well as continued support after the report, to a range of clients including investors, corporations, local state and federal agencies, and educational institutions.

Purpose of a Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) help owners understand and maintain the physical condition and value of their real estate portfolio, develop capital budgets, and prioritize resources. A Facility Condition Assessment can also be utilized to secure additional funding.

The goal of the FCA is to identify:

  • Routine and/or deferred maintenance
  • Systemic deficiencies
  • Remaining useful life (RUL) of all major building systems
  • Capital replacement needs
  • Overall system compliance with the original design/engineering intent
  • Compatibility with contiguous systems
  • Prioritized list of repairs
  • Total building replacement cost

Facility Condition Assessment Scope and Reporting

The scope of the Facility Condition Assessment is often customized, but generally includes:

  • Site inspection(s) to observe the general site improvements and conditions of all major building systems
  • Review of pertinent documents such as drawings, as builts, building records, construction documents, building codes and violations, and maintenance records
  • Data analysis and calculation based on our engineering expertise and experience, our field observations, and accepted cost guides such as BOMA, Marshall and Swift, and RS Means

Partner can also utilize innovative approaches and incorporate energy conservation, sustainability, and green practices as a hallmark of our services.

These observations, research and calculations are reported in a detailed Facility Condition Assessment Report which includes projection tables outlining short and long term expenditures.

Data Delivery

An important component to the Facility Condition Assessment is the method of data delivery. Our clients need actionable data delivered in an intelligent way. Partner offers an online report delivery and capital planning tool, and data integration with IWMS platforms. We focus on providing specialized reporting for each client, and we build custom databases to meet our client’s planning needs.

Partner’s Engineering Expertise

Our Facility Condition Assessments are conducted by field professionals with advanced levels of knowledge, training, and extensive experience performing superior-quality assessments. Our nationwide team’s credentials include engineers, architects, commercial building inspectors, construction managers, certified energy managers, and LEED-certified professionals.