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Responsible Property Management

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. recognizes the challenges that owners and managers face to demonstrate environmental and social responsibility. Our Responsible Property Management (RPM) professionals can custom-tailor a plan to simultaneously achieve sustainability goals, optimize performance, and reduce operational costs.

Responsible Property Management is a program of services designed to assist building and facility owners and managers with simultaneously achieving their sustainability goals and improving operational efficiency. By improving the efficiency of environmental systems such as energy, water, and carbon, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. can design a plan appropriately crafted to drastically reduce costs, reposition your buildings as green, and create higher value for your real estate assets. Specifically, the Responsible Property Management approach recognizes the full range of environmental, social, and economic issues that building owners are met with every day in the management of their property portfolios.

Our full, integrated range of Responsible Property Management services include:

With an integrated suite of services in engineering, energy, and environmental consulting and design, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. is uniquely positioned to design a plan perfect for the needs of the individual enterprise, optimizing their energy savings to bring a quick return on their investment and help them reduce their impact on the environment.