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Construction Risk Management

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. provides a wide range of construction risk management services for construction lenders and investors.


For construction lenders and equity capital providers, understanding construction budgets and keeping payments in line with progress is critical. Partner is available to help manage and mitigate the inherent risks of construction in commercial real estate with a robust staff of seasoned engineers and construction managers who can provide a wide range of services in support of construction lending and investment. 

What is Construction Risk Management?

Construction Risk Management is a comprehensive program of 3rd-party services designed to minimize the risk of construction financing and investment. Construction Risk Management Services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of Partner's clients and can include:


PRE-CONSTRUCTION Document & Cost Review (DCR)
Contractor Evaluation (CE)
Project & Budget Review (PBR)
CONSTRUCTION PHASE Construction Progress Monitoring (CPM)
Funds Control / Funds Disbursement (FC/FD)
Completion Commitment (CC) *
Construction Status Review (CSR)
Project Status Report (PSR)
Cost to Complete (CTC)
Surety Consulting
FF&E Inventories (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment)
OWNER SERVICES Owner's Representative Services
Construction Expert Witness Services

* The Completion Commitment is only available bundled with the Full Suite of CRM Services. If necessary, Partner will provide unlimited Professional Services for course correction at no additional cost.



Partner ESI - Project and Budget Review
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Partner ESI - Document and Cost Review
What is a Document and Cost Review?
   Partner ESI - Contractor Evaluation
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