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Independent Engineering Reports

Independent Engineering Reports

An Independent Engineer (IE), also known as a Lender’s Engineer or Owner's Engineer, provides non-biased 3rd party reports to help identify and mitigate the possible risks of proposed renewable energy projects from pre-finance due diligence, to construction, and operation.

An IE Report’s due diligence review provides a review of the proposed renewable energy project’s contractual documents with an evaluation of the technical design to verify compliance and ability to meet contractual obligations.

Partner’s Independent Engineer Reports can include the following services:

Due Diligence

Environmental Assessments

Construction Risk Management


  • IE Witness Test – Commissioning and Capacity Testing (IEWT)
  • Punch List
  • Mechanical Completion Certification (MC)
  • Substantial Completion Certification (SC)
  • Placed in Service Certification (PIS)
  • Final Completion Certification (FC)


  • Reliance to Extend on all Reports
  • Decommissioning Plan and Cost Review