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Erosion Control

Partner's certified geologists work with clients around the country to identify and mitigate any erosion concerns.

Developers must provide erosion control measures to mitigate a site's increased vulnerability to erosion as a result of grading and clearing activities. Vegetation protects the site from water and wind erosion; however, once the vegetation has been cleared to make way for construction, the site becomes highly vulnerable to erosion.

An unmanaged construction site can experience significant erosion causing a host of problems including: flooding as a result of clogged storm drains, sediment loading of natural waterways, and loss of structural integrity of a graded site. The result of erosion for the property owner or lender can be fines and loss of property value.

Lenders who hold dormant construction sites as collateral are wise to take steps to ensure that their collateral is not experiencing erosion and that their borrowers are using Best Management Practices (BMPs). 

Partner specializes in helping lenders assess and mitigate erosion issues by offering the following tiered consulting products:

Erosion Inspections

Partner's Erosion Inspection reports are designed to be a very inexpensive screening report to identify which sites in a portfolio requires additional attention. Partner conducts an initial inspection to assess current or potential erosion, sedimentation and/or storm water runoff issues. Partner will inspect for the presence or implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and evaluate the effectiveness of any implemented measure. Partner will complete a ten point checklist for each property. The checklist will summarize the presence and/or condition of silt fences, sediment barriers, storm sewers, detention basins, vegetation, sediment runoff, neighboring properties, bare soil areas and grade conditions.

Erosion Remedial Design

When a site is found to have inadequate erosion control measures, Partner offers our clients design services. Partner will design and cost remedial measures, which will include better site management and the implementation of Best Management Practices. Our remedial design documents can easily be converted to a Request for Proposal (RFP) that can be sent to qualified contractors.

Construction Monitoring

If desired, Partner can provide oversight of the remedial work helping owners or lenders manage their contractors. Partner can approve contractor invoices by processing Construction Draw Requests.