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New Development and Additions

For new development and additions, Partner offers geotechnical design reports which are critical for project permitting issued by the building departments, public works, state, and federal agencies. We also provide soil design parameters and construction recommendations to support the development team.

Partner’s nationwide network of field engineers and drilling vendors can provide geotechnical explorations of any kind, for any project, in any location in the United States. Our certified testing laboratories perform the needed testing prescribed by our engineers.

Partner’s geotechnical reports contain pertinent information for subgrade preparation, site improvements, and other project requirements. The scope may include a wide variety of analysis in order to provide information to guide design and construction process, such as:

  • Foundation Recommendations
  • Soil bearing capacity
  • Settlement estimates
  • Lateral earth pressures
  • Expansion potential
  • Seismic parameters
  • Infiltration/percolation rates
  • Aquifer transmissivity
  • Groundwater levels
  • Quantification of hard dig
  • Subgrade preparation
  • Pavement sections