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Accident Investigations

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance

Accident investigations determine how and why an accident has occurred. As a key component of Partner’s Health and Safety services, our qualified professionals can evaluate all potential causes and contributors of an accident. This helps clients to improve safety by reducing or removing occupational hazards, and inform the management of compensation claims.

Partner’s accident investigations consider all occupational issues, including:

  • Equipment Failures
  • Environmental Factors (i.e. Heavy Rain)
  • Human Error

As part of an accident investigation, Partner will conduct an OSHA Compliance Audit.

Currently, 25 states have OSHA-approved State plans. These states have adopted plans that are identical to Federal OSHA plans. Other states have chosen to adopt their own plans and have varying enforcement policies. It is important when looking into having a professional provide an accident investigation, that they are knowledgeable of the state and federal plans and policies.

Additional information on accident investigations and specific OSHA standards are provided on OSHA’s website.