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Driver and Fleet Safety Programs

It is essential that organizations have a formal and effective driver and fleet safety program in place. Partner assists organizations to mitigate their liability risk from vehicle accidents and ensuring safety of employees and those with whom they share the road by developing and implementing targeted driver and fleet safety policies and procedures that ensure a safe work environment for employees.

Benefits of a properly structured driver and fleet safety programs include:

  • Employee turnover reduction and an increase in employee satisfaction
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Lessened fines and penalties for compliance failures
  • Increased business success to do an increase in customer service, employee productivity and profitability

Partner’s Driver and Fleet Safety Services

Partner can help develop and maintain successful driver and fleet safety program for our clients. These should incorporate a range of activities, including:

  • Driver Selection and Training
  • Proper vehicle maintenance and operation
  • Accident Management
  • Written Policies and Procedures

Additionally, Partner is able to provide damage investigation and reporting, claims management and litigation management services as required.