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Environmental Compliance Audits

Partner provides a range of Environmental Compliance Audits, including those conducted to the ASTM E2107-06 scope. ASTM E2107-06 identifies minimum requirements for Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits.

Environmental Compliance Audits

Environmental Compliance Audits give a better understanding of the compliance status of a facility and its operations. Additionally, an Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits done to the ASTM E2107-06 scope should identify opportunities for environmental management system improvements, reductions and/or the elimination of any would-be legal and financial liabilities.

Partner understands the importance of conducting Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits in order to identify environmental liabilities of a facility’s operations, such as: improper handling, storage or disposal of hazardous substances; faulty or misused equipment leading to spills or releases of hazardous substances; human health risks; or improper permitting and recordkeeping that can lead to significant fines. A thorough compliance audit should assist an owner or facility manager with correcting these concerns to limit penalties and liability.

Partner’s Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits are conducted by seasoned professionals who fully understand the broad range of environmental regulatory compliance issues that can be encountered at various facilities. Our professionals can also help to mitigate concerns that may become apparent during an Environmental Compliance Audit, providing workable solutions. Detection, disclosure, and correction are essential to preventing future liabilities.

Environmental Compliance Audits are customized to evaluate specific criteria, such as:

  • EPA requirements
  • UST and AST Inspection, Testing, Removal, etc
  • Hazardous Materials Management and Disposal
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • ASTM E2107-06