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Hazardous Materials Management Programs

In today’s climate of heightened awareness and regulation of environmental, health, and safety concerns, good hazardous materials management is more important than ever. Partner offers the experience and expertise to consult with clients on their hazardous materials or “hazmat” management and compliance needs.

Hazardous Materials Management Program

Hazardous materials, which are items or agents that have the potential to cause harm to humans or the environment, can be found in many facilities. A hazardous materials management plan is necessary to comply with the planning, prevention, and control conditions that may be created by the presence of hazardous materials under federal laws.

Partner’s hazardous materials management services include:

  • Hazardous materials identification, handling, storage and disposal consulting and inspections
  • Assistance in planning for, and responding to, hazmat emergencies and incidents
  • Sampling and analysis for potential contaminants or hazardous materials
  • Site assessments, subsurface investigations and remediation
  • Hazmat program development