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Security Management Services

Creating a security management plan can mitigate risk and protect assets through established standards and policies for any company. Partner’s Health & Safety professionals can review your existing plan, identify potential shortcomings, and implement systems and policies to ensure quality of service and safety of your company.

Partner’s Security Management Services

Security management is an important step in mitigating a company’s risk. Security management services identify and protect the assets and practices of a company or group. Once this is completed, security management services develop, document, and implement policies and procedures for securing the identified assets and operations. Security management services also provide procedures for the classification, risk assessment and risk analysis in order to identify potential risks, categorize each risk, and place risk value on any potential system weakness that a company or group may have.

Partner’s health and safety professionals can help clients to proactively control risk through the management of security systems and policies. We have the expertise to identify risks, and design security initiatives in accordance with all relevant standards – including ISO 27001 and ISO 28000 - to ensure continued quality, safety, product or service integrity.

Partner can facilitate training, audits and certification as required to ensure the security of client’s operations and assets.