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MA Licensed Site Professional (LSP)

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) implements the state’s waste site cleanup program (the 21E program) through a set of regulations known as the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP).  The MCP details the framework under which contaminated sites are cleaned up and requires the use of state Licensed Site Professionals known as LSPs.  LSPs are hired by people responsible for the cleanup to manage and oversee the assessment and remediation of the site. 

LSPs are licensed by the Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals.  The board reviews LSP applicants based on strict education and work history requirements.  Upon approval, LSPs must pass an examination that tests their technical and regulatory knowledge. 

Chapter 21E of the Massachusetts General Laws sets out the legal obligations of property owners and others responsible for the contamination to:

  • report a chemical spill or release;
  • assess the nature and extent of contamination;
  • take speedy action to address hazards which pose a significant risk of harm;
  • clean up the contamination

Partner offers the following LSP services:

  • MCP submittals including:
    • Release Notification Form submittals
    • Downgradient Property Status Opinions
    • Underground Storage Tank Removal Assessments
    • Immediate Response Actions deliverables
    • Imminent Hazard Evaluations
    • Release Abatement Measures deliverables
    • Permanent Solution Statements
    • Remediation Waste Management - Bill of Lading documentation
  • ASTM Phase I and II LSP Reviews
  • LSP documents reviews