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Construction Phase Services

Construction phase services are essential throughout the life of the project-from the bidding process through the closeout. Partner will provide construction oversight to guarantee that our clients' projects accurately represent the plans and specifications and are completed on schedule.

Construction Phase Services

Partner’s team of Professional Engineers and construction specialists can provide support through the construction phase of our clients’ development projects. Through consistent and accurate monitoring, we can check the quality, accuracy, and progress of a construction project. Our professionals will observe all aspects of construction related to approved plans and documents, and will implement monitoring procedures to ensure complete project control is maintained. Partner staff will review shop drawings, contractor modification requests, payment requests and undertake final inspections.

Areas to monitor include:

  • construction environment
  • quality control
  • scheduling
  • negotiations, suppliers and supplier performance
  • health and safety
  • cost
  • materials
  • conformance with plans and specifications

Partner’s Construction administration services provide clients with a clear view of their project’s progress, allowing them to address potential problems before they arise.