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Utility Investigations and Permits

Before the development of the property, it is important to conduct utility investigations to determine the availability of water, sewer, electric, natural gas, phone, cable, and fiber optics. Partner’s professionals have extensive experience in the investigation, discovery, and reporting of utility availability.

Utility Investigations

The accessibility of any utilities could have an impact on the schedule, cost, and overall design plan of the facility. We are able to review public records and the records provided by the current property owner and undertake detailed field studies and surveys in order to begin to create an underground utility report. In the event that the utilities are unavailable or do not have the capacity to handle project demands, our regulatory compliance and permitting professionals can provide the expert knowledge necessary to assist our clients with applying for and securing the permits to upgrade or install new utility facilities. Our Professional Land Surveyors can map out utility locations so that our Land Development Engineers and Professional Planners can create a feasible site plan in order to avoid conflicts with the proposed construction activities.